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Katie and Keith Kintner HELLO FROM WISCONSIN!






1. The Green Bay Packers

2. Cheese!

3. The Experimental Aircraft Association Airventure

4. The Wisconsin Dells

5. Lake Michigan

Hi everyone, we are Katie and Keith Kintner from Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Keith is a TV and radio broadcast engineer for the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Katie (me) is semi-retired and working on Shaklee full time.  We have two grandkids and one on the way, four parrots, two cats and a pomeranian.  

We use a variety of Shaklee nutritional supplements such as Vitalea, Nutriferon abd  OmegaGuard.  Why? Because Shaklee supplements are the best quality, made with all natural products, have no GMOs or gluten and are not tested on animals.  Shaklee supplements also have very high absorption rates so your body will benefit much more than from over the counter vitamins, which do not absorb well.  What happens when your body does not absorb the supplements you take? They pass out of your body undigested! What good is THAT?  You have WASTED your money.

We are also dedicated Basic H2 users for all of our cleaning needs, along with great Shaklee laundry care products, dishwasher detergent and more.  Did you know that ONE Shaklee Get Clean starter kit will keep 108 lbs of packaging waste OUT of landfills and will eliminate 248 lbs of greenhouse gas? Why? Because it's NATURAL and CONCENTRATED! A few drops of Basic H2 in a spray bottle of water will replace an ENTIRE BOTTLE of other liquid cleaners.  How can you beat that?  Also Shaklee cleaning and laundry products are made with all natural ingredients and are NON-TOXIC, so kids and pets are safe when you are using them.  Stop wasting your money buying chemicals that can harm you and your family! Get to Shaklee!

It is so nice to be able to trust a product to be high quality, natural, green and to DO what it is supposed to do!

No matter what your needs are, Shaklee has products that can help you improve your health, lose weight, keep your home cleaner and your personal care needs met all in one place. Shaklee products are safe for your family, made with natural non-GMO products and NOT tested on animals! If we can help you with anything or answer your questions, please let me know!  Thanks for visiting our site!